PRL214 – Beauty Bar Campaign Video

Beauty Bar Campaign Press Conference

This is a video created for the mockup Beauty Bar Campaign. This video was filmed by myself and other group members and edited by myself. It addresses the idea that women should feel beautiful inside.

– Final Cut Pro 10.


COM117 – Public Service Announcement Video

We Are All Orange

This is a public service announcement (PSA) video created for the Slutzker Center of International Services as a class project. I filmed and edited entire video.

The Slutzker Center for International Services is a school organization that helps international students. It helps students adopting new environment far from their home and does all services such as I-20, Visa, and so on. The Slutzker Center for International Services at Syracuse University’s goal is to help international students to adapt into their new environment. It supports international students to become an integral part of the SU community. For this campaign, our group uses the logo of an orange globe with the phrase ” We are all orange.” This phrase represents that all students on Syracuse University should have equal rights, and that international students are also a part of SU communities.

– Final Cut Pro 10

COM117 – Nonfiction Video

Inspiring Hope

This video is created as a nonfiction and journalistic video for COM117 multimedia class. Our team members interviewed and filmed a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Syracuse and an organization, HopePrint, that helped the refugee. It is filmed and edited by myself, Andrew Folts and Samantha Linnett.

– Final Cut Pro 10

COM117 – Fiction Video

Love is a Risk

This video is filmed by You Jin Jeong, Cori Rosen, Molly Smiths and Arden Philips. This video is a fiction that has three main characters: Olivia, Brad and Clark. Arden Philips was played a main girl character- Olivia. Jonah Gadinsky played a main weak boy character as Clark, and Ben Stevens played as a hot boy character as Brad.

– Final Cut Pro 10.