Verizon Wireless: Transforming Communications For a Digital and Social Age



Torod Neptune, the Vice President of Corporate Communications for Verizon Wireless gave a lecture on the changing field of communications in a new digital and social age.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It has become engagement channel between corporations and consumers. About 47% of smartphone users get news through social network sometimes or regularly. Moreover, 30 % of US adults consume news on Facebook, and 8% US adults read news on Twitter. Mr.Neptune stressed that people are now “young, mobile and educated.”


We as consumers have raised their expectations on corporations as technology has been developed. First, we live in an age of greater transparency that consumers value the most. Second, we have growing demand for personalized products across industries. We also are still dealing with distrusts.

Today, “Brand affinity” is important, and more brands talk about what they can bring to the culture of mobile lifestyle. It’s because consumer behavior patterns has changed from linear communication to multidimensional communication. As Mr.Neptune said, companies need to view their audiences as community, not a mass. To have better communication, companies should have

  1. Better social listening and intelligence of gathering to create more resonant content
  2. Better Statistical reporting data insights to understand content and individual performance drivers
  3. Better story telling; shifting content development to map closer to intersection of brand and audience
  4. Focus on relationship with things that impacts company.

PR-social-mediaHis lecture gave an insight of how Verizon Wireless has been working for creating better communication with their consumers. Social media analytic has helped them to understand their consumers’ behaviors and improved communication with their audiences. This is important for public relations practitioners because we serve as communication roles for companies. Knowing current communication trends is really important for us.

Since today more people experience contents through word-of-mouth or online data, we as public relations PR practitioners should know how to deal with audiences via social media platforms. Other than focusing on delivering messages and expected services to our audiences, we need to have strong point of view on each content and communication strategies. But, the most important thing that we should remind us is that consumers want to be engaged, informed and invested, and they want us to be transparency.


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