3 ways that social media has influenced Public Relations


Today social media is huge, and we are living in a world with it. Public relations has taken benefits from the appearance of social media platforms, and social media changed games for the public relations practitioners. It has helped us to have two-way communications from one-way communications, disseminate audiences and effectively have interactions with the key audiences. Social media platforms have been a core tool that public relations practitioners use, and it has been changing the way that public relations practitioners communicate with their key audiences and publics.

Social media has allowed a real-time communication with key audiences. Since social media appeared, public relations practitioners’ have been able to reach to their audiences in real-time and give them quick responses. This communication has helped to form and maintain close relationships with targeted audiences. Moreover, this real-time communication is used as both proactive and reactive communications. When crisis happens, social media is used as a form of reactive communication tool, but it could be used as s proactive communication tool before crisis happens.

 Social media has helped public relations practitioners to straightly communicate with their key audiences.  Before social media was created, public relations practitioner created traditional means such as pamphlets and website. This was made to communicate with their audiences, but there were limitations on reaching out to their publics. Since social media was created, this straight communication allowed companies to go viral even without any traditional media outlets. The greatest benefit of the straight communication is that it allowed many small businesses to experience viral sensations and constantly engage with the public.

 Social media has allowed monitoring opinions of key publics. Public relations practitioners are able to access and monitor publics’ opinions about their companies and stakeholders. They become easier to gather information and comments from their key audiences. With enormous data, public relations practitioners could generate better communication and PR strategies detailed.

Social media already changed games for public relations practitioners, but there will be more positive influences generated by social media platforms on public relations. As social media platforms are developing, public relations will be developed.


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