Hannah Jonesse : Live with Passion


This story is about a fun loving  girl, Hannah Jonesse. From her young age, she learned the values of family and the importance of sharing and caring for people around her. Born in a family with various background, Hanna Jonasse was shaped as who she is now – fun, extraordinary, spontaneous, passionate and warmhearted girl. She is Dutch, Irish, French – Canadian, German and Native American living in Webster, NY, and is currently a sophomore majoring in Public Relations and Earth Science at Syracuse University.

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On December 5th, Hannah is ready to enjoy one of her favorite traditions. It is the Saint Nicholas Day which the Dutch version of Christmas! Hannah loves putting out all wooden shoes on the front porch, and seeing the shoes filled with candy, toys, and other gifts in the next morning. Like this Christmas fairy tale, as growing up, Hannah experienced more traditions than any people did.

Experiencing different traditions has given her different perspectives about things that she sees. Hannah is always exited to explore the world that she belongs to and learn different cultures with different languages. She is planning to study abroad in Australia next semester, and excited about  working in Toronto International Film Festival this coming fall. She currently participates in scuba diving club, NSCS, Alpha Xi Delta and PRSSA. Her sorority life is what she actively participates and has made many memories for the life in Syracuse


Her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, is where she met her roommate Jordan Riddick and her absolute best friends at Syracuse University. She and her roommate love to do something spontaneously. It is how she and her roommate have memories of each other and make their college life super interesting and unforgettable. Last year, they decided to trip to the NYC , did it at the spur of the moment and drove to the city.  When they got back to Syracuse, it was at 4 in the morning.

But, there are  also the other side of her which is having seriousness. She is passionate about having knowledge in  the environment, energy issues, women’s rights and animal protection from abuse. She truly cares about every relationships that she has and what she can do to help  others and places where she lives.

Hanna said “when I was in 5th grade my parents surprised us on Christmas morning with a letter for each of us. When we opened them it said that we were going on a surprise trip to a secret location and our other Christmas presents were clues as to where we were going/what we were going to do. This is my favorite memory of childhood.”  I see Hanna as a fun, extraordinary and warmhearted girl, and I believe all her great traits are from the relationship that she had with her parents and family. Not everyone has this kinds of relationship and family experiences like Hannah had, and this is special. So thus, Hanna.

For more information about Hanna Jonasse, visit her blog.


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