What Makes Your Life Meaningful


Sometimes I need to step back from where I am, and look closely at the situations that I am involved or contribute myself in. When I realize that the world i am living is filled with utter non-senses, I feel emptiness towards myself and my life.  I sometimes question myself what makes my life meaningful. Whenever I think of it, I feel guilty – the guiltiness of not fully living with the utmost efforts. Do all people live their lives with their utmost efforts? Some might be or might not be.  Isn’t it funny that the levels of happiness or utilities vary from people to people? With a same situation, people feel different levels of happiness and satisfaction. I am questioning myself what makes my life meaningful. I believe the key elements for determining what a meaningful or meaningless life is include a purpose for life, self-fulfillment, and love.

Meaningful life starts from searching for the purpose of life. It gives directions  to us to reach our ideal lives. When we have a sense of direction for our lives, we feel much safer and more at ease in our attempts to follow and obtain our ideal goals. As our paths of life lead us well, we experience more confidence and a healthy self-esteem when we try to pursue what we want out of life. Thus, searching for a purpose in life and setting ideal goal to strive towards evokes positive feelings for us, and these feelings make our lives more meaningful.

It can be also found by self-engulfment, healthy self-feelings, such as happiness, respect, and a sense of accomplishment through hard efforts. Experience of self-fulfillment leads us to be more tolerant about life’s uncertainties and hard circumstances, and it also allows us to view reality productively. With this healthy characteristic and broad perspective about the world we belong to, we are more likely to be successful in our goals and positions in life. The, the success will lead us to do more good actions for, not only ourselves, but others as well. As a result, participation in reputable action increases the level of satisfaction with ourselves and our lives.

Love makes life meaningful. We need love from others in order to love ourselves and others. The feeling of being loved is a force which has one doing more positive behaviors and giving loves to and for other people. It will bring more peace and joy to us, and makes our lives surrounded by a more powerful energy and meaningfulness.

All of these elements will shape our own virtues of our lives – the positive traits or characteristics. They can enable us to live a life worth living. However, people will have more meaningful lives when the elements are balanced because it will allow us to maximize our utilities and happiness and to reach the utmost of what life can be.

It’s like ; if one of the elements of off balanced, emotional states will eventually darken and break-down. The negatives will interfere with people’s conditions, such as their health(s) and relationships with other people. As a result, we start to experience what a meaningless life is.


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