Listen to Your Heart

listentoyourheart201072 listen-heart3

I have wondered if a true love exists. If there is one, I want to sense and feel what it is like to be. We might have already met our true love for our lives, but not sure.  We might have met someone who has given us love more than we have given to, but we just want to deny it because we want to feel loved more than the person feels it. We sometimes are being calculative on what we have for our own goods. Maybe, the person is not the one you always dreamed of.

Some people say that we tend to give someone more without any calculations and judgments if we are in true love. We sometimes have a date with someone because we just want to feel loved and never get bored.  We do look for someone because we want somebody to stand up for us when nobody will. That’s because we always hope someone to fill the emptiness of our minds, and make our minds richer.

In the movie “Listen to Your Heart,” Danny and Sam was first sight. He felt in love with her since he saw her first time at the restaurant where he was working. Even though he knew that Sam is deaf, her handicap was not a problem for him. There were barriers to her and him, but those didn’t matter for them. They love each other as their hearts tell them.

Danny says, “I’m the luckiest guy in the word. How many people can say that they’ve truly been in love, that they met the love of their lives. Promise me whatever happens, you’ll listen to yourself before anyone else, to your heart…” to Sam.

Words cannot describe what love is. It’s what we just listen to our hearts. As Danny answered to a question, love is the one thing he could always use more of.

Life is beautiful. There’s going to be someone always there for us. There’s going to be someone whom gives us strength to live.


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