GRA217 – Resume Design


Visual Messages

Through the design of my resume, I intended to convey who I am: simple, positive, neat, and concise. I wanted my resume to be simple, but distinguished from other resume designs. I want to communicate to perspective employers that I have both calm and energetic sides. In order to address who I am, for wordmark design, I used “Helvetica Neue Regular” for my first name and “Helvetica Neue Ultralight” for my last name because I want my first name to be the first point that readers of my resume find out, and last name to be read the next. I used a line and connected it with one of the stroke of G to show that the content provided is related to and belong to who I am.  Also, I wanted to give active feeling into my resume since it’s very simple, I chose orange color, which radiates warmth, happiness, positive, and independence, and contain physical energy as well, for my first name and big categories of my resume.


My perspective audience would be employers working at PR agencies or a government or media entertainment agencies. I want to have a career in a corporate or government PR or media entertainment PR, which all requires confident, active, intellectual and organized personal qualities from applicants. (The fields that I am looking for are very different, so I wanted my audience be more general employers at any PR firms)

Design Strategy

I set Helvetica Neue as my typeface and wordmark design, with variations of weight and color. This font has not only clean but also modern look, so it shows my personality: simple, positive, neat, and concise. In order to give readers to good readability and consistency, I used same font size in the body, and combination of upper and lower cases of letters. I used different thickness of font and different colors to highlight parts that are important to be read, and used a line to be connected with the stoke of G, which is my last letter of last name, in order to give continuous line of eyes.

– Adobe InDesign


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