GRA217 – Interface Design

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Visual Messages

This is National Organization of Women (NOW) website. NOW is the largest organization that actively participates in feminist movement in the United States. It is founded in 1966. Since the foundation, 500,000 members contribute to this organization, and the members run 550 chapters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As a feminist advocacy group, it fights for women’s rights by taking actions such as educating the public about the status of women’s rights, protesting business that mistreat women and people of color, lobbying for the laws that promote equalities of women, etc.

When I accessed this website first time, I felt like the website is very old-fashioned. Even though this activist group is fighting for women in a modernized society. Its homepage heavily contains words, which make readers become boring.  Also, entire pages of this website are formed with purple, Red, and various colors that do not go along together – colors of this website make it look old and unstylish. It also uses the representative color, purple, to emphasize some information such as titles or information, but it does not attract readers to read the information and disturbs their continuous readings.

For this web-design, I wanted to give audiences a first impression that NOW is a modernized feminist organization. I also want my audiences that visit this website for the first time to feel that they want to know more about the organization and involve with some of its activities. In other words, my purpose is not to make them to join this group and become a feminist activist, but make them to know more about what the organization is about, what activities and campaigns they work for, what key issues that they address, and how new visitors can involve with daily lives.


My perspective audience is general women population, but specifically aged between 20’s and 40’s. The reason why I chose the specific aged women is that I think women in those ages are more interested in women’s rights and more active , and more involving with campaigns and activities.

Design Strategy

To deliver my purpose through web-site design, I put a big size of picture to capture eyes’ of audiences when they first access to this website, and its homepage and secondary page all have big portion of images. The picture shows women protesting for their equalities in the past. Logo and name of organization is important for web-site design.  Since I wanted to make this website feel feminine, I used a serif font, Georgia, for the name of organization. For the body content, I used a san-serif front, Helvetica, to make it more modernized and simplistic look. Moreover, I generally used purple color that represents the organization, and it gives static balance to my website.  For the navigation part, I made a change in font color of navigation to show which page the audiences are on. If the audience click ‘about’ on the navigation, the part will be changed from grey to purple.


Along with the picture, I put a slogan with a purple background. This picture and slogan will capture audiences’ eyes, and the audiences will directly have a sense of what this website is for. Under the big picture, three upcoming news are displayed with their images. Smaller sizes of pictures under a big picture give visual hierarchy. I put key issues and campaigns and events as my secondary information. I thought it is important for audiences of current members to know about what is going on in the organization, and for new visitors to know about key issues that this organization is working for. Since most of visitors are members of this organization, I thought campaign and events section should come first. It gives information hierarchy as well.

About  secondary page:

To make this page coherent with the homepage, I keep the big picture with a slogan, side body table, and footnotes, but the news display is removed. I put general information about what NOW is. Under the information, I put how they take actions for their movement. By having smaller fonts, this website has information hierarchy.

– Adobe InDesign/ Adobe Photoshop/Abobe Illustrator CC



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