GRA 217 – Tablet Magazine Design

Tablet Magazine Design Interactive PDF

Vertical Design

Jeong_You Jin_ Tablet_ Final_Resubmit

Jeong_You Jin_ Tablet_ Final_Resubmit2

Jeong_You Jin_ Tablet_ Final_Resubmit3

 Horizontal Design

Jeong_You Jin_ Tablet_ Final_Resubmit4Jeong_You Jin_ Tablet_ Final_Resubmit5Jeong_You Jin_ Tablet_ Final_Resubmit6

Visual Messages

My article is about how smoking immediately does to our body. Since the article is serious matter, I wanted to make images to be little fancier by using illustration design (I tried not to use pictures). For the cover, my visual design shows a young man who has very good body shape is disappearing into the background since his lung is burning with smoke. The lung is made up of cigarette, but it is not noticeable in this picture. I want to make the image graphically visualized for the cover. It conveys that smoking actually harms body. For the opening, the shape of lung is eaten by an insect that has a shape of one cigarette. By using same color of the opening page image, I create smoke image for the second page to show connectivity of two pages. For the alternative story, I put stories about 5 ways of helping quitting smoking.


My target audience is both women and men aged between the late 20s and late 30s. As younger generation is becoming more self conscious and interested in their health, this magazine is a health magazine for everyone, but specifically targeting young people.

Design Strategy

I used similar color through out opening page, secondary page and the alternative stories (Orange and gray are main colors) . I aligned headline, cover line and actual article.  For the cover, I want people to see the name of magazine. By using black background and white font colors, I added contrasts.

– Adobe InDesign ( Heavily) / Adobe Photoshop/Abobe Illustrator CC


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