GRA 217 – Poster design


Visual Messages

My poster is about “ Love Your Body “ campaign presented by a non-profit organization named National Organization of Women (NOW). This organization created a “ Love Your Body “ day for women on October 15, 2013.  The purpose of creating this day was to inform women and men how media in general and beauty industry portrayed beauty as skinny and unrealistic and how these beauty standards brings hazardous health conditions such as eating disorders, and to raise awareness of people about being themselves. For the day, there are various events such as opening “Yoga on the beach” for women, providing an art show, hosting a “ Google hangout”, etc.

For my poster, I wanted to challenge the message that a woman’s value should be measured by her own internal values, and not measured by the beauty standards that media and beauty industry have portrayed. I wanted audiences to feel that “Love Your Body” day is coming, so they participate in those events on the day.

I wanted my design to straightly show my message that I am conveying through this poster. For the image, I drew the woman’s body wrapped up with measure ruler. Through this image, I wanted to show how women tend to measure their body sizes, compare their sizes with other women’s body sizes, and force themselves to be in a beauty standard of women which is being skinny. My slogan is “you are more than numbers on measurement.” It contains a meaning of which women tend to measure their sizes, and the measurements are what they see themselves as. Thus, it implies that women should not value themselves by their weights and sizes, and their value comes from how they judge themselves.

I connected the image and the slogan by drawing a vertical line connecting to one of stoke of letter B. When audiences see this poster, I want them to feel a mannequin shape. It is because most clothes women wear are designed with the body shape of a mannequin which is women’s ideal body type. The body shape of a mannequin is also the result of how media and beauty industry has portrayed.

This poster design has gestalt principles –continuation and static balance. I put the design image, slogan and information in the middle of the poster. The reason why I centered all is that I wanted to give this poster feeling of calm and balanced. I did not want this poster to be dynamic, so it does not have intensity and high contrast. I think the message this poster is heavy so that I wanted my audience to feel more calm and comfortable when they see this poster. Also, I give line of continuation by connecting the image design and slogan, so it gives eye movements from the image to the information.


My perspective audience is all young women aged between 10’s and 30’s. Although I targeted young woman aged between10’s to 30’s, I think this poster can be for general women population. The reason why I chose the young women is that I think young women are more self-conscious about themselves and how other people judge them. Also, they are raised with beauty stereotypes that media portrayed, so that they are more affected by the stereotypes of beauty image.

Design Strategy

For the background, I used color that are between pink and purple The reason why I chose the color between pink and purple is that I wanted to show the symbols of both colors; pink represents romance, caring, calm and tenderness, and purple symbolizes royalty, trust, spirituality and wisdom. Since my message to the audience is that women should love their body without judging themselves by their weight and size, I wanted to show caring, tenderness, royalty, and trust through the background color. Also, the color pink represents the campaign, so I chose color similar to pink.  For the fond of slogan and information, I set Helvetica Neue with variations of size and weight. The font looks really neat and clean so that it gives good readabilities to audiences.  I used Helvetica Neue Regular for my slogan. One of the reason I bold the slogan was that I wanted the audiences to read it after they see the image of body wrapped up with rulers. Also, I wanted to make thickness of the font as the line connected to the body image. For rest of information, I used Helvetica Neue Ultralight because I thought that the information is secondary reading for the audiences.  I connected line from the body to the stroke of B because I want audiences to see slogan as the entire image that shows a mannequin shape. More over, it gives line of continuous to slogan when they see this image.

– Adobe InDesign / Adobe Photoshop


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